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Stand Against Trafficking USA, Inc. (StATUSA)

A Faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit. EIN 45-2463989

P.O.BOX 2434 Shallotte,NC 28459

Helping survivors of sexual exploitation in the U.S. heal, dream, and succeed.

To see an end to sexual exploitation in the world.

Core Values:

  • Compassion: Creating a culture based on empathy, grace, and the unconditional love of Christ.

  • Dignity: Demonstrating respect to each individual we work with because we acknowledge that God has given every person purpose

  • and worth to offer the world no matter their circumstances or past.

  • Hope: Recognizing that God loves all people and that He created each of us with the ability to find positive change and joy in our lives.

  • Collaboration: Establishing meaningful partnerships with survivors, families, and communities.

  • Education: Equipping others to take action against sex exploitation through Prevention, Awareness, Protection, and Impact efforts.

Allysa, Executive Director, Founder 

Since 2008, I have been on a journey to expose the integrated lies in our society. These lies have many facets, but it all leads to the most horrific crime in America, Human Trafficking. Many elements lead a person into this dark evil, brainwashing, generational bondage, greed, corruption, lust.  But the result is the same, a person’s “choice” is taken away to benefit another evil pursuit. Many Christians would rather judge the local prostitute or drug addict instead of looking beneath the surface to hear their stories and reconcile them back to God and holistic life. I have worked hard to break the stereotyping to show that there is more to their story. The only way to change the projected path America is on is to look beneath the surface and restore the broken.


My first clear understanding of what was hidden in plain sight is when I attended a Wesleyan Women Conference sponsored by World Vision.  The whole time I was there, the Lord kept stirring my spirit, saying, “what about American women.” I didn’t know what to do because my focus was on third World countries and becoming a service provider. I couldn’t shake what the Lord kept saying to me. So I went to Charlotte, NC, to a Federal Government Conference on Human Trafficking. At that time, everything was starting to unfold on the reality of human trafficking in our country and the money and power behind that “secret society.” I was not only horrified. It broke me. I wanted to crawl under my pillow and forget what I found out. 


After my hissy fit, the Lord spoke to my heart, “Allysa, they are calling my name, asking if I care if I exist, I want you to go show them I do……., love them to the truth.” I asked the Lord to give me a verse to show me what He would do and help me stay focused. He sent me to 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 to paraphrase, those who have been comforted by me will go out and comfort others. The Lord told me that He would take the people I help and send them into all the world to help others.” I said,” yes” to the Lord, and the big adventure began. 


Since then, I have helped our government set up Rapid Response Groups, bring awareness to the community, and started a 501c3, Stand Against Trafficking USA (STATUSA). Gone into local jails to bring biblical perspective, address cognitive behavior issues, and let the women know they belong and are loved. We have developed an eight-session curriculum and a ten-month residential curriculum. We have helped bridge the gap between jail and society, collected data for the government. And we are providing resources for survivors who are in desperate need of medical attention, mental health, education, addiction issues, poverty issues, and provide a safe place to build their lives back. We have impacted many lives, but the resources are limited, and red tape hinders progress. 


The biggest challenge we face in society is the devaluing of morals. It is declining so rapidly that it leaves no time or room to protect our children. They usually get caught up in this crime because they are naive and have learned to identify themselves by their sexuality.


Another problem we face is the lack of empathy and compassion. We are made for relationships, and we find out an identity by belonging and being a part of something greater than ourselves. 


The Lord is crying out to His people to see if they will listen to Him in these last days. I have put it in my heart, mind, soul, spirit that nothing will get in the way of me doing the Lord’s work because of His great love for me. How about you? Would you like to join the fight for God’s glory?


My approach in helping these broken people in society and even in our churches are;


  1. Go to them. Bring the good news to them and the promises of God is the only way they will hear and receive the Lord. Their choices in life have been taken away, so the only way for them to listen to the Truth is for us to love them and bring it to them. My prominent contact is in the local jails, but I work with like-minded people to refer survivors.

  2. Train up Disciple of Christ who isn’t afraid to go into uncomfortable places. Help them break free themselves so that nothing will hinder the work God has anointed them for. We have developed a 3 tier training for churches to help them become compassionate churches to address social issues in their community.

  3. Work with the government to reform government agencies so that victims won’t become criminals and get stuck in a recycle where traffickers can take advantage of them. Prevention is massive so that reforming can occur.

  4. Bridge the survivors back out into society with resources that help them recover and the love of God that will heal their souls. By discipleship and providing basic needs.


Injustice happens when we sit back and do nothing when we have the power to change things. Many positive efforts are being made at the forefront of this fight. My goal is to equip and empower with the experience I have gained over the years. As a pastor and a chaplain, mother and wife, I bring a perspective to enlighten you to understand what you can do in your community. Allow me to bring clarity to the era that we live in. WE  can make a difference and change the world for the next generation.


For consulting, teaching, equipping, empowering, speaking, or understanding your church dimensions. I am here to help!

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